App loading time effected due to visibility conditions

We have an app where we have added 8 output tables. The visibility of these tables depends on the user types. For example, for some users, we have to show tables 1, 3 and for others, we show 2,7. We have used visibility conditions on all the tables. Due to this, the app loading time has increased significantly. Is there any method so that we can control visiblity conditions from the gsheets or glide table, to reduce the loading time.

How big are these tables? (how many rows of data?)
Which component types are you using to display them on the screen?
Does each of your 8 tables use a different sheet as the source, or do 2 or more of them source data from the same sheet?

Something like what you have described shouldn’t have any noticeable performance impact unless the tables are very large.

A screen shot or two would be helpful in order to better visualise what you have.

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so we have 3 components basically, i.e A,B,C. and we have 10 users of company XYZ, different types of components is visible to each of the users. for some A,C components are visible, for other user B,C are visible, combined there are 8 possible combinations, how can we simplify that?.

Our glide app is running very slow, and sometimes it hangs when the user switch tabs. Is there ay possible way to resolve this.