Hidden screen glitches

Hello. My app requires people to create a profile the first time they open it. This works well (thanks to Robert Pettito’s great tutorial).

The challenge is that when a user, who previously created a profile, logs back in then they shouldn’t see the ‘create a profile’ screen again. It sort of works. The part that doesn’t work is that the app shows this page for a microsecond prior to hiding it. It makes a user not trust the app because the app just showed them a glitch of a screen without explanation or obvious reason.

I’ve recorded a short video of the user experience to show it to you. It is also experienced in the builder.

How may I prevent the hidden screen by being shown for a microsecond? The glitch experience is unnerving.

I’m not sure if this will work based on comments from a similar issue a user had a month ago. I’m not sure how they attempted to make it work at that time, but I want you to try something.

In your user table, create an IF column something like this…If the profile is NOT completed, then return ‘true’ else return an empty value. Then change your tab visibility conditions to use that new IF column. Reverse the visibility condition to check the opposite of what you normally would, so only show the onboarding tab if the IF column value is true (checked), and only show the other tabs if the IF column value is empty (unchecked).

Logically this shouldn’t make a difference, but I have a theory and I want to see if I’m right.

Also, what type of column is your visibility condition using to determine if a profile is complete?


It was worth trying but you get the same outcome - that micro display of a screen that should be hidden. While actions run very fast, this action appears to run just slowly enough to cause the page to display.

It puts a band-aid on the problem rather than solving it, but the following works

  • Welcome tab repurposed to be intentionally shown to all users
  • Button has custom action such that
    **If ProfileCompletedOn is not empty, then go to main tab
    **If ProfileCompletedOn is empty, then go to registration tab

It adds a step but removes that odd glitching effect. On the bright side, this new action can be customized to route to different tabs depending upon the maturity of the profile and the experience level with the app.

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Sorry, no other ideas at the moment. If I think of something I’ll let you know.