Swipe layout is now in Production!

Just putting this here because the UI/UX is similar to the Swipe Function…

Check it out, maybe you’ve already seen this before in Facebook but if you haven’t it may inspire or inform.

Hi @George_B , any update on this?
I still see all the crazy behavior as well as the padding problem with the inline list in the swipe card

I’m sure they haven’t had a chance to look at it. Today is a US holiday.

Thanks, pls let me know once you have more input. I want to complete the tutorial for the community.

Have a great holiday

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I really like the swipe function!
However, while it is working on the screen the images I integrated via a link (as well as by uploading) do not appear in the app when I’m using my Samsung android phones.
I tried with two phones.

Is there any setting I forgot?
Could the size of the image be too huge?

Are you using Samsung’s internet browser or the chrome browser?

I tried both.

Hi @George_B , hope you had a nice holiday.
will appreciate a follow up on those bugs both on the swipe and inline list padding.


Ho @George_B ,
hope you add a nice weekend,
Appreciate if you can foolow up with the team on this bug.
This is preventing from actually using the swipe with complex actions…

thanks :slight_smile:

Hi @david

I’ll appreciate a respond to this from the team. almost 2 weeks ago I showed this bug and sent you guys the info in case as George requested, so far haven’t receive any respond and this bug still active.

the thread starts in this link: Swipe layout is now in Production! - #93 by yinon_raviv

My last follow up on this was 2 days ago to the support team via email.

Let me know if you need more info.