Swipe Collection

The swipe layout of the inline list was pretty cool in the legacy apps, is it coming to the new Glide app?

I created a playlist of songs submitted by music tutors to share with students and who would listen to the tracks from an audio component playing Spotify previews, then swipe the card.

It’s a fun way to share music and have students essentially vote on tutor’s musical taste!

I can make the same thing in Glide apps but without the swipe UI it’s kind of lame.

Do you know why, and can you explain why the business model isn’t designed for the swipe component? My mind can’t make sense of that :face_with_spiral_eyes:

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I can’t speak for David, or for Glide, but I can make some educated guesses.

The first thing is that the way the swipe feature worked is that every time a user swiped, a column value (Last Swipe Time) was updated. This was okay when Glide didn’t charge for updates, but now they do. And so if this feature was there, it would be very expensive.

Secondly, Glide’s primary target market is private Apps for business, as opposed to consumer type Apps. Whilst swipe might be commonly used in consumer type Apps, it generally isn’t required for business Apps.

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I don’t see how charging for updates and as a consequence the component being expensive is an argument against compatibility with the business model. Actually the new pricing model seems to support it, especially with the pay as you go feature. Even if I was worried about the updates (which I’m not off the top of my head) it would be easy enough to moderate how many items are in that list to be swiped by the users.

Fair enough if it’s not their primary target. I can see how cool UI features like that might not be of importance in private apps for business. What is Glides secondary target? Perhaps the shift towards private apps is evident in the kind of exaggerated focus away from UI and more on databases? Then again what I said doesn’t make sense when they released CSS for the ‘Business’ tier.

It encouraged too many people to build actual dating apps. The people who build these do not want to pay “until the app succeeds” and—surprise—they never do. They clog up our support with questions like “if I need 100,000 users per month for my dating app, what kind of discount can I get?” and this distracts us from our legitimate customers. Glide is not for social networks.

It all comes down to trade-offs like this: do we build SQL data sources for the customers paying us $10k/year, or do we instead make a new swipe component for the customers who can’t pay and don’t succeed. We’re a small company, we need to focus.

Someday we’ll have third-party custom components, and I’m sure swipe will come back! But it will not be made by us.