Old Glide UI help versus new UI

Glide UI has changed over time so many YouTube videos are no longer relevant. For instance, I wanted to create a search filter for a list and found this video:

Filter an Inline List with Choice Components

But this video shows the old UI with swipe component (another feature now gone?)

Is there a way to better find results based on the new Glide UI?

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What do you mean by “search filter”?

If you want the same layout as shown in the thumbnail, you can still add multiple choice components to the screen.

I skimmed through the video but I can only see Robert using an inline list, which is called “collection” in the new Glide Apps. I’m not sure what you mean by the “swipe” component?

Thanks for your response.
I just was looking to provide (switch) filters for a database.

A swipe used to be a Glide style you could choose, but it seems to have been removed. Swipe looks like this: How to make Swipe Cards in Glide - YouTube

Swipe is not in the new glide apps… not sure if it will be added or if it’s gone gone.

As far as your filters with choice components… that you can still do. It may not be the best solution if you’re worried about the cost of updates with a lot of users toggling the filters… but it can still be set up the same.

There are other filters you can use, built into glide. Check out the options tab for collections. You can include a filter, but only by one column. There’s also group by. My preference for doing multiple, custom filters is to add filters into user specific columns on a designated filters sheet, and use an edit form with choice, dropdown, and switch components. By using an edit form like this, you’re only charged for one update for each setting of filters, rather than for each individual filter.

Just in, in-app filter is available for the new Glide Apps!

Enable it by going to your team’s dashboard > click Previews on the top right > enable Multiple Filters.


I don’t use swipe layout in this video. By “switch” did you mean this?

If so, Glide Apps surely has this component:


Sweet! I hadn’t seen this until now :slight_smile:

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This is great to know! Thank you :slight_smile:

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