Stuck on Extra Sync Mode

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Describe the bug:
I have a free plan and I believe it’s set to “Extra Sync Mode” and it’s apparently not something I can change. Since I use Google Sheets, this is wracking up a massive number of syncs and i don’t even have anyone using the app yet. I’m worried that even if I upgrade this will be too many. I’d like to confirm that it’s really in Extra Sync Mode (or perhaps this is an ad saying I can change to that mode), so I know that at least if I pay I’ll be able to decrease to Normal Sync Mode.

Expected behavior:
Based on the ChatGPT support for Glide, it claims I should be able to change between Normal and Extra modes but it doesn’t appear to let me do it… It just tries to get me to sign up for a Starter plan.

How to replicate:
Settings → Data → Sync Mode… Try to click on Extra Sync Mode to change it and it asks me to upgrade.

Do you actually see this reflected on your Usage page?

Yes… there are 10 more days in the month and it’s telling me I’m running out of updates.

Extra sync mode is off for free apps—you have to upgrade to even have it as an option to turn on. This is a pretty normal sync count.

Thanks David for confirming. The Sync Mode setting seemed to indicate it was “Extra Sync Mode” as you can see from the screenshot.

So I guess even after I get some users I shouldn’t expect this “Sync” value to increase too much…

Yes, that’s an advertisement for the feature but I can see how it looks like it could be active.

Well, I believe you can not worry.
situation same to me for a looooong time:

I have a starter plan. still not understand what that sync from and why. looks like in usage - wrong information or ghost of sync that not really exist. so, extra sync in usage don’t affect to all usage. i’m sure you can approve it when all usage become more than total you can have in month.
it’s really nervous each month, get alarm about “approaching the limits”, but this is the Way.

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