What are the benefits of extra sync mode? Could it be slowing down the app?

I don’t quite understand the use case of using extra sync mode on basic.

We have set our app to extra sync mode. It’s based on a google sheet usually has around 5000 rows of which around 1000 rows are actively updated during peak hours (approx 150 computed columns in that table)

We don’t have any complicated relations, self relations etc… but the app becomes slow during the peak hours of usage. really slow.

could extra sync mode contribute to the app getting slower?

With “Normal” selected for your projects sync, data from your source will sync when…

  • Your data source notifies you of a change

  • Glide just wrote to your data source

When you use “Extra” for your sync mode everything works just like Normal mode and it will additionally sync every few minutes (if your project is active)

That being said it seems highly unlikely Extra Sync mode is the cause of your issue.