Data sync Extra mode not being triggered

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Describe the bug:
Data sync extra mode not being triggered when app is used.
The data source is an Excel sheet that is being updated via the MS Graph API.

We have to trigger a sync every day manually.

We were told that extra data sync mode would trigger a sync when the app was used. However, it only appears to do so when data is added, e.g. a record is created.

Viewing a page doesn’t seem to trigger a sync (as reported by our clients and evidenced by the data source). I’m not a user of this app, so I can’t replicate this live.

Expected Behaviour:
Data syncs whenever the app is open because data sync mode is set to Extra mode.

How to replicate:

  1. Set data sync mode to Extra
  2. Data shows it wasn’t updated when the app was last accessed (only when data has changed)

App has been used today but no sync was triggered. Client reported that data is not update to date when they use the app.

Question – was the app used in the builder or on a device? I ask because you say you manually synced. This can only be done in the builder – not when you are running the app on a device.

So, according to what Glide has been telling us, this is expected behavior. You should not see an increment in your Sync count nor your Updates count if everything is being done in the builder. You should only see those increment while using the app on a device as a user.

Now the caveat is I don’t know whether Glide has implemented that policy yet; but by your description they probably have.


Thanks. I edited my post to clarify the bug.

Basically, when the app is opened by users the Extra mode doesn’t seem to trigger a sync and no syncs are registered. The result is that the data in the app is out of date been though the Excel sheet we’re using as a data source has been updated via API.

@David_Gabler do you have any other ideas about why this isn’t working? We have to manually sync the data for the client every day :cry:

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The only thought that immediately comes to mind is to check and make sure the “auto-save” is turned on for the Excel Spreadsheet.


Excel is not native to the Cloud like Google Sheets, and I have found issues with them syncing, but not with an app I use daily; and it’s not been easy to reproduce.

Since you can reliably reproduce it, you should open a Support Ticket with Glide…

Thanks will do.

AutoSave doesn’t apply as we are updating Excel via the MS Graph API.

When I click the link the form says:
!!! For Glide support send an email to !!!
!!! If you submit this form replies are not guaranteed and/or will not be timely !!!

Not sure what to do with that.

Submit via email then

Glide Support are no longer using Zendesk.
Use this instead.


Thanks. I feel like there ought to be a link readily accessible at the top of this forum so that people don’t have to keep linking to support in their messages.

The links in these messages are all over the place And I would dare to say that 90% of them are deprecated.

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Yeah, that’s a fair comment. Although if it was front and centre the danger is, I think, that it might be abused and Glide support would be overrun with support requests that could easily be handled here in the Community. A large chunk of the folks that come here looking for help seem to be relatively new users just getting their feet wet on free plans. And technically, they’re not entitled to direct Glide support.

I guess we are the ones doing a bit of triaging for Glide Support, and I’m generally okay with that.


Good point. Or even set up a redirect from the several wrong URLs to the correct one?

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Yes and we are the best community :heart: around. Not having issues with that at all.