Excel file not syncing when updated

We have an Excel file that is updated automatically via the MSGraph API each day.
However, Glide doesn’t appear to be updating our app’s (a Glide Page) datasource.


  • Last update made to the Excel file is 25 July
  • Usage stats in Glide shows 0 syncs
  • Data was last updated on 21 July (based on the data in the datasource)

:question: How do we get Glide to recognise these daily updates and therefore trigger a sync?

Do you have Extra sync mode enabled? Sounds like your using an API in Excel, which isn’t causing Excel to sent updated data to Glide, and Glide doesn’t have any data changes to cause a trigger a sync.

No. I didn’t know that existed before. Thanks for pointing it out!

Yes we’re using automation via an API to update the sheet. Is there another way to update Excel that we could use that Excel/Glide would recognise?

Do you know how this differs to Zapier updating Excel Sheets via API?

We were relying on this info up until now:

“ 2. Your data source notifies us of a change

When Google Drive or MS OneDrive tells us that your Google Sheet/Excel Workbook has changed, we sync your data. From the moment that we get that notification, it shouldn’t take long for the data to reach your project. The larger your data set — the longer this might take.”

Is there a list of what changes are and aren’t “recognised” by MS OneDrive?

PS: Is that going to smash through my monthly sync quota?

David (CEO) had posted this about how updates work:

“ If you batch-write to Excel, Microsoft will alert us of the changes approximately once (I am not sure of the precise behavior–it’s possible that they would alert us twice), and we perform one sync, no matter how many changes you made to your Excel file in that batch update. That counts as one update.”

We just want to understand how this actually works as it doesn’t seem like there is a straight forward answer for when Excel will and won’t sync as described above.

I’m honestly not sure what would one drive to send the update. I know that’s the case with certain updates in google sheets, so I assume it’s similar with one drive, but I don’t have a list of what those types of updates would be. You would probably have to look into how the one drive API works.

It could, depending on how often your app is used. I believe when it’s turned on, Glide will check for updated data every 5 minutes as long as someone has the app open.


Some quick maths means 8,928 updates per month *assuming the app is open all day which is not likely, but still.

(A theme I’ve noticed with Glide is that simplicity often morphs into complexity that isn’t clearly documented anywhere. It would be great if the documentation was clearer on these areas of complexity).

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