Syncs Count every month

Sync count. Most of my edits are due to the same sheet being used on different project. I’m trying to move my legacy App to new team but way this new sync count work I think non of the plan is enough of it. I really thinking to move away. Also there is only 1 private use myself but it says 8 private use they are public users.

maybe you have a same problem as i
my topic

maybe not.
check all point and give answer:

  1. is SYNC mode “Normal” or “Extra”?
  2. Do You have a formulas in GS? (especcialy NOW, TODAY, RAND or RANDBETWEEN)
  3. How offen GS make recalculation?
  4. in case of use same GS for several project, is other app make that much add/edit/delite as sync on shown screen? or all app that work with same GS - are in this Team?
  5. Do you have a JS is GS?
  6. Does your GS always open in browser?
  7. Does any one work with GS directly?
  8. Does Make/Integromat/Zapier/n8n… work with GS?
  9. Do you have a copy of app, linked to same GS (as backup)?

it’s a lot of question, but at least it help you, and hope it will help me and other.