Spreadsheet not updated

Has anyone experienced this: I insert new data rows via the app, they appear in the data editor and everything works just as expected, however, that new data is nowhere to be found in the spreadsheet?

Can you scroll all the way down in the Sheets and check if the data is there?

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wow, you are right, how did you know that?
Is this a permanent issue? Or can I just copy paste the rows to the top and thats it? Or should I just leave it like this?

It has happened to all of us at least once :slight_smile: I have started deleting any blank rows in between and that fixes any future ‘missing data’ issues.


When Glide writes data back to the Sheet, a problem with the Google side is that they skip all blank rows despite they are perfectly valid rows, and write to a row like 501 or 1001, way down there. To prevent this, just delete all the empty rows and you’ll be fine.

ok, cool, good to know. Never happened to me before, but than again so far I havent made that many apps :slight_smile:

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It happens when you have array formulas in your sheet.

To prevent this, always delete all the empty rows in your sheet.

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