Spacer Component

A lot of times, Glide apps will have some kind of glitch at the bottom of screens where the content will not show completely. Manually closing and reopening the app will most of the time fix this, but most end users are not going to know to do this. As a work around, I’ve been using a Separator Component, but that starts to look weird when it’s preceded by a component, such as an Inline List, that already has a separator line at the bottom of it. Instead, I proposed adding a Spacer Component, like Squarespace and probably all other WYSIWYG website creators have. It might also help to add a 50-100px or so padding to the bottom of all Glide apps.

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Would a transparent png image work? You wouldn’t see anything and the background color should show through. Then you could set any pixel size you want.

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Can you tell us more about this glitch or capture it on video? We’d rather just fix it!

It took a while to reproduce, but here’s the bug:

I couldn’t get it to happen when I was trying to get it to show by closing and reloading the app. This makes me think it’s more due to something that happens after caching.

Speaking of caching, I encountered another little gem that seems to happen WHILE the app is caching:

You’ll notice that the scrolling seems to smooth out toward the end of the video, and this happens right after manually closing and reopening the app.

Both of these are probably due to the broken way that iOS 13.1.3 is handling PWAs.

Current version satisfies request, topic archived.