Top of images are being cut off

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In the mobile view, the top of images are being cut off. Everything was viewing properly this morning, and now all the images are being chopped after clicking on the initial view. No changes were made between this morning and tonight. Also, the back arrow no longer shows up to return to the previous page. Seems like this is a bug.

How to replicate:
In the mobile view, on any page, click a person’s image. When the next page opens, it cuts the top of the image off.

Seems like I don’t have access to log in to the app. Can you provide some screenshots?

Here is a screen recording…


(Attachment Screen Recording 2024-03-22 at 8.49.31 is missing)

Seems like your attachment hasn’t finished uploading.

Here you go… thank you!

Can you submit a ticket? Thank you.

Hmm… I don’t know… it uploaded several days ago and everything was viewing properly this morning

I mean if it’s a recent problem, it’s likely a bug. Can you follow the steps in the comment linked to submit a ticket?

Thanks for trying to help! I was trying to report a bug when I posted this… I guess I didn’t do it correctly, but don’t see anywhere else to report?? I’ve attached a screenshot showing where I was trying to report. I’m new to Glide, just started using it this week… so, just trying to figure things out.

Thanks again!

Have you tried doing it as this comment states?

Guys, since yesterday, without changing nothing, the drop down menu line create a space and the picture of the Logo section go down and not fit all the space from the top.
What happen?

Toc toc, any feedback from devs?

Ya, I’m experiencing the same thing. No, I haven’t heard from the developers. It looks like a bug to me.

I think I don’t have the right plan level to be able to report a bug. I just have Maker.

Here is another screenshot for clarity. When I choose the “image” style it now chops the top of the picture off.

Also, adjusting the aspect ratio on the preceding page doesn’t make any difference on the click through… it still chops it off.

We had a similar thing happening on our View Profile page in our app. Top of the circular profile image would get cut off when using a Profile Title field. A name without an image would get pushed up into the colored navigation bar banner.

What solved our issue was to include a “Spacer” component set to the size attribute of Small which placed a little space above our Title field and corrected things. Since our Profile image is inside of a container with a highlight background and the smallest padding setting it all looked very clean.

Maybe you could try using a Spacer and also under your Breadcrumb component I would place ALL of the other components in a Container. Hopefully that will work for your issue as well. All the best!

Profile Container

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Thanks… I’ll try that.

Thanks… that did help! Not a perfect fix, but it certainly helped.

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Shouldn’t Maker have access to Glide Support?