Title Component Issues

The title component doesn’t show the image all the way to the top and it’s messing with my design, it changed in the last few hours?
Screenshot 2024-03-23 at 01.38.15
This should not be aqua blue at the top - it should be the image.

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Can you look into this @NoCodeAndy ? Thank you.

I think that it messed up because of the Hamburger menu. The new modes and such probably don’t put the menu on a transparent background, so they moved the standard color of your app to add contrast to the menu. (so you can really see it!)

I hope they change it back? It was perfect before. Even since dark mode was added, it still looked great. And the menu button and back arrows were visible too.

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I confirm, also our app now have this problem.
Please came back, now is not good, the picture is cutted
@NoCodeAndy please solve

In my opinion the best way is to add an extra “choice” button, to use the desidered solution.
But the previous version as it was up to yesterday must be present. Our app is totally broke now, all the pages with Title component are not correctly shown

Hi @NoCodeAndy, are you able to see why this is displaying incorrectly?

We had a similar thing happening on our View Profile page in our app. Top of the circular profile image would get cut off when using a Profile Title field. A name without an image would get pushed up into the colored navigation bar banner.

What solved our issue was to include a “Spacer” component set to the size attribute of Small which placed a little space above our Title field and corrected things. Since our Profile image is inside of a container with a highlight background and the smallest padding setting it all looked very clean.

Maybe you could try using a Spacer and also under your Breadcrumb component I would place ALL of the other components in a Container. Hopefully that will work for your issue as well. All the best!

Profile Container

This has been discussed in another thread. In that thread, someone suggested adding a spacer component above the title component. Set the spacer to small with no line. Maybe that will help to display the whole image, though I would expect a space with a background color you might not want.

I have a header image so it still doesn’t look too nice. I’m sure they will put it back the way they had it. I suspect it’s to do with the CSS that is now standard on maker plans?

Yeah! Maybe you can use custom CSS to change the look. I still think that Glide does that by default just to make it “look better”. It’d be nice if they had a setting to change that

PLEASE someone solve this problem. It was PERFECT until last week!!
PLEASE, PLEASE come back!
We can’t try to found a workaround like spacer, not good and not possible to do it in ALL our pages

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Ok I used a container+little spacer and result is not bad


This is not a good solution. It defeats the object. The header needs to merge with the date and time and network icons on the top of the screen.
Need to to find the actual issue and resolve it.

Bringing this to the team. Thanks for flagging me on it. :+1:


What it mean “it defeats the object”?


It basically misses the whole point. The point was to have the header merging up to the top of the screen and have the date and time and battery icons showing over the header image. Now there is just a flat theme colour of the app. The spacer doesn’t bring the app design close to what it was, we just need the original design to be fixed. That’s the only solution. Andy said he’s flagged it with the team. I’m sure it will be fixed soon.

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Team confirmed this was a bug. They pushed a fix for it yesterday.

@ToOFa_Apps @vRCr_Racing_League - What are you seeing on your end?


@NoCodeAndy Still not a fix. The title component (and image container component) used to have the image stretch to the top of the screen like this:
CleanShot 2024-03-27 at 15.19.13

Now, we get a jarring white/accent color bar at top:

Sorry, this is only a temporary solution:

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