Title → Image component becomes misconfigured based on Setting → Appearance

“Light” appearance misconfigures title → image component:

Original Post:
Two different screenshots of apps made from exactly the same data. Can anybody explain why one image is pushed all the way to the top and the other isn’t? Only thing difference between the two apps: one is based on tables, the other ones sheets. I don’t think that should matter. I could live with either one, but I would like to be able to control the appearance and I don’t understand what’s causing the difference.

Can you tell me if anything changes if you delete the Breadcrumbs component in both?

Also - how do they both look when you switch to desktop view?

Nothing changes at all when I delete the breadcrumbs component. Screenshots below… As you can see, they’re different which is weird since it’s the same data.

Is it tables versus sheets?

BTW… Bottom screenshot is from a backup version, but the live version looks the same.

Weird. I just tried both tables and sheets and I can’t recreate the issue. I can’t imagine that would be the issue.

What happens if you remove the title component and add it back?

I’ll give that a try Robert. But a question… Which one is the correct appearance?

Is it because you have vertical sidebar as the menu in one, and horizontal top bar in another?

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I didn’t realize I could control that. I will look for that setting.

Removing the title and reinserting it did not change anything

Changed to both horizontal sidebars in desk View. Still no change. This is really weird.

The top option should be the correct one

Found it. It’s a Settings → Appearance issue. For some reason the “light” appearance renders this title incorrectly (but dark doesn’t?). Seems like a bug to me. @tristan @SantiagoPerez
CleanShot 2024-02-09 at 09.17.57


I renamed and reclassified this post.

…now I’m wondering how many other components are affected by “Light” appearance :thinking:

Well, how about that. Actually I had the accent appearance checked but it does the same thing as dark. And you’re right, light appearance does change it.

Thanks for all your help guys. I wouldn’t have found that in a million years.

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I think this has been an issue for a while now, ever since they launched the new title components. I just always used the Accent theme

Mine is still doing this even though I have changed the “style” color. It wasn’t there a week ago, but now it is. Any other thoughts or suggestions? (It is also on EVERY page)