Fix top section of mobile

Hi! Not sure if this is a bug or something that I am missing, but I am getting this ugly white space when using the app. :frowning:

When I check in the layout panel, it looks fine (get the right background for the entire section vs. when I actually go in mobile and test it. Can someone clarify if this is a bug so that I can redirect this to the right forum? Thanks!

Just to clarify, the first image is the actual app on my phone. The white area is what I would like to fix

Is that using a browser or downloaded to your home screen? Mine shows accurately when launching from home screen, but with the white when using a browser . I believe this is the intended behavior. Strangely in browser you can see the accent color in the top corners…

Home screen:


My screenshot is with the home screen tile :frowning: looks like a similar issue, though

This thread might help

Thanks for sharing @Jarvis, but I am actually already using the “Accent” option. I don’t think this is really related, as I do see it correctly in the layout editor. However, when I go to the app, it doesn’t look the same way

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sorry for the direct ping @Jeff_Hager @Darren_Murphy - but just wanted to get a quick check from the experts around this issue that I am facing!

For additional context, the first component on this page above is a container!

What version of OS are you using, and on what device? Can you share the app link so we can test?

@ThinhDinh information below!

Unfortunately the app is private, but I can create a duplicate if needed. Is this not happening with other apps on your end?

No, it’s fine to me.