Title or Image component not working?

I noticed last few days that Title component in my published App (under Legacy Pro Plan) is not showing up in the development environment. The app version is working fine. I also try to add a new Title and Image component without success.

Anyone else having this same issue?


Can you add a video of the problem? Do you have any special configurations (visibility etc) for those title components?

Thanks Thinh.

Here is the link of video showing more details. Apologies for the resolution.

You might have already done this, but just in case:

Try clicking into each of those visibility conditions and check that they are all still referencing the correct columns.

Assuming they are, the next thing I would do is remove them one by one and see if anything changes.


Thanks Darren.
Actually now, we must reference User Profile for

  1. Selection of what you want to display

can use

  1. And Visibility condition

can use1

Previously I just use as below

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