No Title or Image in a Form Screen

Hello to all. I have a strange problem. Pushing a button it start an action who calls a form screen.

Inside the form screen, some elements appear and others do not. For example, neither the ‘Title’ nor the ‘Image’ element appears. Others do.
I also have this type of form screen on other pages quite similar to this one but it does not give this problem. Only in one. What do you think it could be due to?

Have you tried adding the extra components that you need?

I can reproduce. It’s a bug.

Can you tell us how to reproduce it? I added a title and an image element and both of them are visible.

It’s working now. It wasn’t working before for me as well.

I try to put here some images.
In this picture the result exptected (this is in the same project I am working in). So in this form it’s working well

But in this other page, nope. Only in this page, in the form screen, no Title and not Image:

These are the components included in the screen

I lost all day trying to understand. Someone have a idea?
Thank you in advance


Okay, I see.
I recall that there was an issue at one stage where Title components would not appear in forms in mobile view if they were the very first component, although I can’t replicate that right now.

But, what happens if you add a separator just above your Title component - does that make any difference?

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Also, where are your images stored? Are those images stored on Glide’s storage or somewhere else?

I tried but nothing happens. Anyway, in the other forms, like that one in the picture, the title is the first component

The images are on Glide’s storage. But in the case of component “title” it should appear at least the title, subtitle and description, if the image does not work. But nothing appear :frowning:

Do I use user specific columns in your data?

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Yes, those data that we can see in the picture (like user email)

If any of those columns are User Specific, then every user will see different values (or no values at all).
This may explain the behaviour that you are seeing.

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Yes, I see. But the compont (like Title) are not conditions of visibility and in other forms are visibles. I have 6 forms. In the first 4 are visibles. In the last two I did, nope. I am thinking there is a limite because of subscriptin (Starter Team) but it is strange

There is no such limit. Something is not configured correctly. Components will be hidden if there is no data to display.

Please add some screenshots or a video showing how you’re configuring those components.