Title Text Not Appearing Consistently

Data that I have contained in a column being used as Title Text on new screens is not showing up consistently.

The data is kept in the column below, titled “Categories”

Here, it’s showing up:

And here it is, missing:

Any ideas what could be causing this?

What’s the action that leads you to this screen?

I’m using a Collection with a custom action that emulates what Independent Screens used to do:

If you add a breadcrumbs to the top of that page, would it show up on desktop?

It does, yes

That’s weird. I would suggest submitting a ticket if you can reliably reproduce it.

I would love to but I’m on a starter plan so :man_shrugging:

@drascon gave me access to the app. I studied this and noticed a weird bug.

Basically putting a title at the top of the screen hides the “screen title”.

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Are you sure - have you been able to replicate it in your own Apps?
I just tried it (because I’d like to exploit the behaviour), but I couldn’t get it to “work” as you described :man_shrugging:

Is it the case for you? Must be emphasized this happens only on the mobile version.

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ah, okay - now I can replicate it.

hehe, the idea I had was to use an empty Title component to hide the screen title. Problem is, as soon as you empty the Title fields, the effect goes away :man_facepalming:

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I ended up replacing the Title component with two Text components and it resolved the issue - thank you to @ThinhDinh for investigating it and pointing out the bug :muscle:

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Glad to help! Could never find it without the deeper dive in the builder. Thanks for working with me for access.

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Because you were able to replicate the issue, will the Glide dev team log it as an actual bug?

I’m just a fellow user like you. It might require an actual support ticket to escalate that to the dev team. If you can log it we would appreciate that a lot.

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Is there a mechanism to submit the bug report outside of the AI attendant? It’s not very helpful.

Does this work for you?

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It does not - I believe the support ticket feature is only available for Pro plans and up, and I’m on a Starter plan. I did use the Support Chat, though, and got to talk (albeit briefly) to a live human being. I pasted the link to this thread and described the issue and got, “Ok, thank you” as a response. Hopefully that means it’s been logged.

Ah yes, that’s correct.

Hopefully the issue will be resolved soon.