Title component in details view isn't working

The Title component on the first tab stopped working suddenly. There are no issues on any other page. I didn’t change anything so I’m wondering what happened here.

Looking forward for a hint or help!
My app’s URL: https://vegan-days.glideapp.io


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Hello, to help you do you have screenshot of the bug or a video ?

Hi Stan, sure! Here is a screenshot
Title component with the connected spreadsheet rows

Google Spreadsheet sheet where the data is supposed to be displayed from.

Thay’s weird.
You can try to delete the component en recreate one just after to see if the bug stay. Or maybe create a new column for the image.

Hi Stan,
i just duplicated the sheet in the spreadsheet, added a new tab and created everything new from the scratch. Now it is working again. Weird behaviour! :confused:

Anyways. Thanks for your support!

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Can you still reproduce the misbehaving Title by any chance? If so, could you please share your app?