Top of image in 'Title Component' is cropped

I just noticed, that the top of an image used in a ‘Title Component’ is cropped by about 100px. (possibly from the bottom too?)

Can that be changed to show the entire image? see the side by side

That is how it works. Believe the ratio is 4:3.
Expect you are using 1:1 image?

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correct… square…
well maybe they should offer ratio options like they do with images?

why is why I just figured out to just use an image component. Thanks for the nudge

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Yes this has been a feature request of mine as well

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I think this should be a high priority. Especially, the App loses all the value when people’s heads get cut off in the title component. User expects to see the image same as she saw in the list on the previous page. Thanks for reading.

Please add crop behavior to Title image component.

Do this. Create your own title component by:

  1. Create a MULTIPLE relation column that relates a unique column in the sheet to itself (email or rowID works best)
  2. Replace your title component with an inline list > Tiles component that uses this relation_self column
  3. Choose a size that works best for your profile image…benefit is that now you can crop to face.

Great workaround for now. Also set Action to “None”
Only two drawbacks.

  1. Added relation may hamper performance.
  2. The image doesn’t take entire horizontal screen space like Title.
    Thanks a lot.
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Correct. Forgot to mention Action -> None.

You could also create your own using Cloudinary. It’s how I did mine in my MyCard App:

I knew I was forgetting something. Why is MULTIPLE relation required for this?

You can’t create an inline list that allows for tiles or cards when using a single relation.

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That’s what I’ve been doing in some apps recently, a multi relation to be flexible in showing things, a single relation if I want to take some specific information only.

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Yep, I do both and call it rel_mult_NAME and rel_sing_NAME