Expand title image in desktop mode

Hi all,
Is there a way to get a title image to expand the entire length of the screen in desktop mode? It looks great in mobile but odd in desktop.

How about an image component instead?

Exactly. Use Image component. The problem is that when you search “image” in the list of components, the title -> image component is the first one that pops up.

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I might be missing something, but the image component doesn’t fill the mobile space from the edge to edge like the title–>image component.

So title works for mobile, and image works for desktop?

Perhaps you can use a get device info column to know the type of device the user is using (through device’s width), and display the components accordingly. Group them into containers so it’s less work for you.

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Not sure if this option would work for users that aren’t signed in is that correct? Where would you store the device info if the user isn’t using a user profile?

Maybe there are ways?

I feel like the point is that the ‘Title - Image’ component has a particular look to it that is nice - it goes right up to the top and creates a nice banner for the page - however when switched into desktop viewing mode it seems to loose that look & feel entirely, and rather than attempt to replicate it in some way for a larger device it doesn’t even show the image in full-screen.

So I guess the question would be for the developers - what is that desktop view mode actually trying to achieve for that component when it’s nothing like the original and I don’t know who would want their page to look that way in a desktop view. Maybe it’s meant to be used for something that I don’t understand?

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You can just store it on the row the user is viewing. It doesn’t have to be a user profiles row, it’s just more convenient to store there if your users do log in.

Thank you for doing a better job of articulating this that I did, Trav. You’ve nailed the problem. I haven’t seen a good solution… other than saying the app is ‘best experienced’ on a mobile device.