Images still not loading on phone (& where do 'Support' calls go for Pro?)

My app’s URL:
and glide support link - Glide

In the Swipe layout I can see the images on the dev client… but not on my phone or the browser version.

The images are working (I checked the URL of the images)

And the images appear in other parts of the app fine (inline lists, in a details view of the item, etc).

The Swipe image presentation is very hit and miss. Another example is a full-size image which I can see in the dev client, but it is chopped off on mobile.

I did file this a week ago… but I have no ticket that it is being looked at so I have no idea if it has gone off into space. Images are important in my app so I would like to know whether I am stuck with it (which would be very unfortunate), or if I am doing something wrong (would be easiest if it is my mistake), or if there is a fix on it’s way at some point. Looking for a solution, and otherwise guidance :slight_smile: @david :slight_smile:

Seems like it might be loosely related to the the dimensions of the screen. What do you have for your image settings? Does it make a difference if you change any of the settings?


I have changed them in all variants possible. And still no joy :frowning:

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@Mark_Turrell are you by any chance using Cloudinary as the image store? I can’t get hold of the images when using Cloudinary for the image

Inline list 4x4. (tiles)
image used for all of the tiles,e_colorize:100/l_text:arial_600:5,co_rgb:FFFFFF,e_colorize:100/Utilities/black_800x600.png
Size of image: 4kb
From the builder - but on iPhone11pro no images are seen.

When I use an image from wikipedia 15 of the 16 images turns up. A punctuation mark is missing animage.
Size of image 84 kb

Also tried with a png image. This also works fine (punctuation mark problem)


I made some changes so I have to go back to what was working…
but it looks like I was NOT using cloudinary for the images, rather just presenting either what was uploaded by the end user in Glide OR a URL for an image.

I still have the problem of cut off images too… I would love that problem to be fixed!

The problem occurs in the following situation:

Tile view is used
Image on the tile is used
The image is found on another table so a relation and lookup is done (tried with multiple as well as single)
The image is found in a template column (in the related table)

If the image is found on a basic column e.g. link column then the image is shown in the phone.

So the problems seems to be when a template column as image is used on a “linked” (relation) table.

In the data editor the information is pulled correctly to the table - and when using the url the image opens nicely.

A template on the table itself does work!


Problem solved!

Unclear what the problem was. Potentially more than one relation to same table.