Images not loading on phone (some of them)

My app’s URL:

(work in progress app)

I have been using the app for a few days - and this evening I noticed that some of the images do not appear on phones (I tried Android and iOS). The images appear on the laptop.

To show you what is going on:

Any ideas? Thanks! M

You’re positive that the link, in the app, starts with https:// and not http://?

May I have a support link to look at the app?

Yes and yes

  • is an example (I manually copied across the images from 10 articles to make my mockup)

And yes -

Nothing private in there right now - all work in progress.

And when the support people come in - it seems to be the News cards that have the problem (tab = Swipes, filter = News).

And I tried on my iPhone 8 and an Android (my wife is a professional software tester… and has tons of gadgets).

Thanks! M

A support link is a special link from the menu on your app tile, on your dashboard:Support Codes - Glide Library

And thanks for the info - I did not know about Support Codes. Thanks!