Third-party image-links not loaded on certain devices

Hi Glide community,

In my glide-app I have certain image-links which I’ve fetched from third-party websites that don’t load in certain browsers or operating systems. The problem appears on

  • iPhone 10, iOS 13.6
  • iPad Air, iOS 12.4.8
  • Chrome and Safari browsers of computers

The problem does NOT appear on

  • iPhone 8 Plus, iOS 13.6
  • Firefox browsers of computers

I have created a sample app to illustrate the issue:
My app’s URL:

There are Patagonia-images and Nike images. The Patagonia images don’t load on the problematic devices/browsers mentioned above. If you click on an item, the actual link can be clicked and you see that they lead to a correct address.

Any help is much appreciated.