All the pictures disappeared?

My app’s URL:

All the pictures on the main tab seem to have disappeared, but they still show up in the detail view.


Seems to be working for me.

Did you see it in the List or Tile view? I switched it to List cause that seems to alleviate the problem.

I’ll switch it back to Tile for you to see.

It was list view. I’ll check it out again.

Could it be Wi-Fi specific issue? I checked a couple of devices in my house and they are also seeing this issue ^

It might be the image host. It looks like the ones that aren’t working are running through The one that’s working is coming from dropbox??? It seems like google has been having some issues lately. I wonder if they are down in your area.

Oh no. Is there a status page I can check for updates?
Alternatively, do you recommend uploading the images through Dropbox?

I looked for a reliable status page or down detection page for googleusercontent, but I wasn’t having any luck.

It’s also possible that list view is showing an image that Glide has cached. For things like Tiles, I think they use Cloudinary to handle the overlays, so maybe cloudinary is having issues connecting to googleusercontent.

Some people have used google drive to host images, but there have been some issues with that over the past couple of weeks. Glide will host images within firebase. You can either upload through an image picker in the app or simply drag and drop the image onto the image placeholder in the glide builder.

Glide has it’s own status page too.

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Hi Helen,

I have confirmed all your images are working. Sometimes google will lock out IPs from accessing images as part of their anti-scraping measures. Your app is still working fine even if your developer account is locked out from google for a couple minutes. The images are still working for everyone else :slight_smile:

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Just FYI Jeff, we have changed how google images are treated by Glide. we no longer re-host google images and instead us them directly through googles CDN. While this will not totally eliminate issues, it will dramatically decrease issues people see with Google Drive images.


Hi Jason,

Just want to reconfirm because I checked with a few friends around Austin and they’re all seeing no images loading in the app.

@Jason Good to know. Thanks.

Having the exact same issue. All my images stop showing unless I switch to list view or one of the larger formats.


Its even happening in the builder.

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After seeing Jeff’s pic I tested on my Pixel and it appears the issue is only happening on iOS. On my iPhone and in the builder the images don’t show but they show on my Google Pixel.

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Android For The Win! :wink:


We are not reproducing the issue with iOS loading google drive links. What phone are you testing with exactly?