All the pictures disappeared?

@Walt_Whitman @Helen

Thank you so much both for your reports. I was able to dive into logs and find a situation that would result in failed image loads from google. I have disabled the direct google image loads for now. Thats unfortunately not really a fix because you will still get frequent image load failures against google drive when google drive decides to do a bot lockout (pretty common). This mostly just reverts to the old behavior while we do more work on the new behavior.

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Thank you @Jeff_Hager and @Jason for the speedy follow-up and looking into this!

Is there a workaround on the user end that you’d suggest? Aka, should I put all these photos into Dropbox to guarantee stability?

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I have already put in a mitigation. Please check your devices again. The images should be loading.

Apologies, I meant for future reliability - should I do something different?

Confirming that fix worked and my images are loading now.

At this time we are still discussing what the best long term recommendation for google drive users is. We need to investigate quite a few possibilities, for the mean time we suggest not doing anything to avoid wasted effort. Google Drive is not the only provider with similar such issues. It is my hope in a couple weeks you will log into Glide, you will get a popup asking you if you would like to optimize all your images, you will click yes, and it will place them all in a good location for serving content.


Awesome, thank you so much!

I’m having a similar issue @Jason - this morning I finally found photos to upload against all categories and products in

On doing this, I noticed an issue with photos not displaying on an iPhone 6.

They were set to display as a Square tile but the photos themselves were mainly landscape.

Played around with the “Loose Padding” to go right to the edge and it fixed it.

However, on later testing on an iPhone 6+, none of the photos would display.

Played around with settings and found that they would display on both iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+ in a 3:2 tile with the “Loose Padding” set to have some padding and not go all the way to edge.

Now I’ve just tested once again and briefly most images were not displaying.

Logged into the Glide Dashboard and double checked, after which the majority are displaying with the exception of a few.

For example of an image not displaying - Head to - Our Menu Tab -> Brunch/Lunch -> Lunch -> Curry of the Day.

I’ve also checked on a Google Pixel 3a and see the exact same issue now.

Are these related or is there an issue with the image dimensions?


Just checked on all three phones and the image for that category page is now displaying on iPhone 6+ and Pixel 3a but not on the iPhone6.

Questions would be:

  • Are there requirements for image dimensions or will Glide automatically resize/crop for different tile sizes?

  • Could there be compatibility issues between different screen sizes?

  • Or Is this just a Google Drive issue?

Please restart the iPhone 6 (or unpin and repin the app). My guess is its still running the old version of the site before we put in the mitigation.

Are there requirements for image dimensions or will Glide automatically resize/crop for different tile sizes?

We automatically resize and crop.

Could there be compatibility issues between different screen sizes?

Yes that was the cause of the issue this morning. Google drive images requested at specific sizes were failing.

Or Is this just a Google Drive issue?

No but it is the most common culprit by many orders of magnitude.

@jason well can’t really tell the users to delete and reinstall app.

I do hope you find a solution to this problem as it is a real showstopper for a professional app

And yes, I do have the same problem

There is a forced update rolling out shortly that will cause your users to reload. Editing your app in any way would also cause your users to update and see the images correctly.

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@jason please consider GDPR when you think about a place for storing images. We need to be in full control of the images including the ability to fully delete the image

The GDPR story for images will be that if you as a developer remove them from your sheet we delete them anywhere we cached them. This gives you full control.

@jason it would be very, very useful if you made a comprehensive description telling what you do with images (and in general personal information) so we can fulfill GDPR. If you today use the upload images directly in the app then you won’t be given a possibility to delete the image again as I understand it. GDPR also states that I as the app owner should be able to give a user insight into which info I have on the user - could be chats comments, images of user etc.
I just don’t get it why Glide hasn’t done this yet when you let people create apps which are so focused on obtaining and using personal data.
Glide is so powerful and I would love to take full advantage for apps involving personal information.

I just want to let people here know we have re-enabled the drive direct images. This time without the failed loads on some devices :slight_smile:


Thanks! Confirming the image is displaying without having to unpin and repin the app on the iPhone 6.