Not displaying new images

My app’s URL:

I’m seeing this issue since this morning. I don’t know if it’s from Glide’s side, or GDrive.

I updated the above mentioned app today with new rows, and the images in the new rows are not loading (neither in the editor nor in my phone).

Images are located in a GDrive folder (as the rest of the 1,000+ images that ARE loading).

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 8.27.21 PM

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I have images showing.

That’s quite a large list, but I’m starting to wonder if Google is having issues lately.

This is caused by performing an anti-bot lockout on your account for our image provider. Effectively google interprets a large number of new image load requests for a specific account as a scraper and decides to serve up 403’s instead of the images. The issue will usually resolve after 5 minutes or so. We are working on a different method of handling images whereby the client will directly load them without using Cloudinary. Some users may still get the anti-bot lockout for the images but it should be greatly reduced.

Unfortunately google drive is turning out to be a sub-optimal place to host your images.


Thanks Jason
I though there was something to do in how you were handling images with the new changes in Glide and cloudinary.

In this case, this is a Google form where customers upload their logo, and we’re linking those images into the app.