BUG - enlarge image action not working with image from google drive

HI Glide team , @Mark

I have wierd behavior which I think might be a bug.

the enlarge image action is not showing the image when I use images from my drive but work correctly on images uploaded to glide directly.
the images present in the app ok and only the enlarge not working.

see the below GIF, I’m showing the same image twice, the first one uses a link from my drive and you can see that it’s not enlarging, the second image was uploaded to glide and the enlarge is working correctly. this is the same image so it should work but not working.

link from drive:


link from glide:


@yinon_raviv i also have image in google drive and that image is enlarged when clicking on it. It takes a couple of seconds though.
I tried opening the same image a number of times And then the image only loads partly. Might be related to what you see. Surely a bug.

Even if I wait a minute it’s not loading.
The image is presented in the app even if it’s a gif the weight a few mb but won’t enlarge even for images that weight few kb

Based on what I’ve read in the past in the forum, Google drive isn’t great for hosting images. Maybe Google’s anti abuse features are kicking in. Also, it could be cached image vs the direct link.

What do you mean? It’s a new photo I just uploaded

Just going off what I’ve read. Many have had issues with hosting images and video through Google drive and Glide had advised against it because things will not work periodically and Google drive is not designed to be an image resource host for websites.

Also it may be that the drive url is trying to open the image inside of Drive in the webview instead of just the image.

The only other thing I would try is to share it so you get the file/d in the url. The url you are using is not how I usually obtain a url from drive.

I just do right click and get sharing link which is the recommended way.
Will try another way and if not working I’ll move my images to Dropbox or cloudinary if no other choice.

Anyways, let’s see what @Mark will say on this

I don’t know how you got your link in that format, but try this one. If it doesn’t work, then I have no idea.


I personally haven’t had issues with drive hosted images, but I have 2 users and only about 10 images that are drive hosted. If I ever have issues, I will follow most recommendations and upload through Glide instead.

We’ll fix this. Thank you for reporting!

Tried this way as well, didn’t work…

Thanks mark, pls let me know once fixed

@Jeff_Hager: You’ve got me worried now! Where is there a reference to Glide’s advice against using Drive to host images?

Looking at their docs they actually recommend it:


You can have a read here.


@ThinhDinh: Thanks, just read through but couldn’t see any advice against using Drive for images. In fact @Jason said he had a solution so I’m none-the-wiser.

It would be very annoying if we cannot effectively use images hosted in Drive since we’re paying Google for this service. I mean, it’s not exactly free is it?

I think the method Jeff and Megann mentioned in that thread looks to do the trick if there’s ever a problem with Drive hosted images.

Personally I always use Imgur and have never found any problem with it.

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Our images seem to be working OK but we’ll keep a keen eye on this.

I’m reluctant to move them to a different service as keeping them in same Drive we have our Sheets makes a lot of sense workflow-wise.

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Hi Mark,

Any estimate on when this will be fixed?


We cannot fix the 403 errors google serves out sometimes to images. For tap to enlarge images I strongly suggest using a different image service which does not block images randomly when they feel its being accessed too frequently. Imgur is well respected in the area.


Agree with Jason here. As I stated above, I have never had a problem with Imgur. I used it for a whole year for my news app.

Here’s a great extension that I usually use to upload images to Imgur, if it helps:

Thanks @Jason,
Just to be clear, is this glide official stand on this? If so I strongly recommend you add this to the documentation.

Also, same for videos in drive?

@JackVaughan , appreciate your view in this.