Image preview does not work with a Google Drive image URL. Posible solutions?

Hello, here I am again, I hope I could fix the following:

I have an image that is a Google Drive image URL (I don’t want to upload the image manually because I have already done it automatically with Drive and and I want it to display on the app but the preview is NOT working instead the enlarge image action IS working. So, Is there any way to fix this? It’s nonsense.

THANK you in advance!

Is it a publicly shared image?

Yes, the image is public so any user can see it. But anyone can see the preview :sweat_smile:

It’s even more curious because on the table element the preview is working as you can see on the image… :exploding_head:

Not sure internally how Glide handles the enlarge image action, but storing images on Google Drive could lead to a handful of issues for displaying purposes. This has been reported many times in the community. I think it relates to potentially violating a Google policy.

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ouh, okey, I see. So this is a Google policy thing, so, instead, do you think Dropbox URLs could be displayed?

I’ll take a try later!

I’m not sure about Dropbox, you can try that option.

Dropbox is the same thing, even worse at it shows the image later when its enlarged. Is there any CSS trick to change the “photo not showing” or “photo loading” default photo? If I could change it could be a solution but I am not sure about that :confused:

  • Can you share one of the urls?
  • Can you confirm that the same column is used in your basic table and image component?
  • Are you using http or https in your url?

Hi, Jeff

One of the URL I am using is:

The table and image components refer to the same column, yes.

And the URL is a Google Drive URL so its https

this is an SVG image ???
i did some testing but it doesn’t seem to work with SVGs.
Can be tested with a .png image before.

But maybe @Jeff_Hager has a silver bullet

I have solved it!! I automate the Web View Link of that is: and finally it shows the image! Before I was taking the Content View Link of