Extra White Space At Bottom Of All Screens

Hello! I noticed recently that some Glide update caused all of my screens within my app to have an extra white space at the bottom when a ussr scrolls all the way down. This for sure was not always like this.

I am not sure how to fix but I have tried to play around with it myself. It just makes my app look really low quality. I have a Glide Pro account for Glide app (not classic).

Can anyone please help? (SEE SCREENSHOTS)

Please submit a ticket.

This is the case in all my apps as well. Must be some sort of css issue on Glide’s side. This has been around for a couple weeks i think.


Thank you all for your response. Also glad to know that i am not the only one. I will submit a ticket then.

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These screenshots don’t work? They just take me to the computer chat screen, there is no place to submit a ticket. The last button on your screenshot doesn’t exist… I only have 4 buttons “Join the Community”, “Documentation & Guides”, “Hire an Expert”, “Open Billing Inquiry”.

Which plan are you on? Glide support is for Pro plans and above.

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Ok thank you :slight_smile: we are on Starter atm