Expand 'Image' and 'Title' component to edge of screen

@Mark - In line with UI design trends I’d really like to see the Image and Title components expand all the way right up to the edge of the screen, is this planned by any chance or is there a way to achieving this?

Similar to this…

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Yes please, extend Nicole pic! :wink::wink:

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Love this idea…would certainly follow 2020 design trends as stated!

I’d love to! With you in this point :wink:

Rogelio this is great! Unfortunately progressive web apps (PWA) on iOS have some limitations when it comes to specifying the status bar style. This style can only be defined once and for all the views/screens of your app, and it is not possible to change it on the fly and/or per view/screen, which is something we’d love to be able to do.

The status bar on the second image you’ve posted, that includes a full bleed image and has a transparent background, is the only style that could potentially be used to render an image below (and it’s actually the one we use for the Bold theme, where we use a solid color as a background). But this specific transparent style, only renders white content (icons and text). So even when this could be somehow possible, this won’t work with themes other than Dark/Pure Black due to the fact that on lighter themes, the content on the status bar will become invisible when place against white backgrounds.

Having said that, I wouldn’t be too discourage by this, since the design team is fully aware of these kind of limitations but we’re always looking for alternatives and new ideas to open up customization of the look-and-feel of apps :wink:


Thanks @Antonio appreciate your response.

So it is possible but only effectively on the Dark/Pure Black themes.

I would be perfectly fine with that (knowing the limitations of using any other theme) as so too would be a lot of other Glide users I suspect.

The UI is the first aspect of the app that the user sees and having a more aesthetically pleasing UI increases user satisfaction and thus overall app usage.

Having said that, can it be enabled please?



We discussed this was back early this year, any progress on a full top edge Image placement yet?

@Rogelio being an iOS limitation, we have WWDC from Apple now in June 22, and wishing they bring us some Brand news about PWA apps

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