Sign-in Action = Great! Except, it does not show if followed by other actions, like a notification


Form in Action : alone : OK
I noticed that if I customize an Action with the “Sign-in” option alone = it’s fine.

Sign-in Fomr in Action Set with other actions : NOT OK
But if I want to add sth else after, like “Show Notification” + “Add Row” to track the click on the Sign-in action, well, the Sign-in form struggles to display. As if the form UI is too complicated to display and can be “pushed aside” by a notification that displays quicker.

If I didn’t suspect this behaviour, I would have thought the Sign-in Action never shows.

Looks like there’s also an issue with the execution order in Actions : all the listed actions seem to be evaluated at once. And if only the last one fails, the whole Action set fails, which is frustrating. And not the best optimized way to compute a code.

Thks for your insights

I think this has been brought up before by @Darren_Murphy. No clear answers until now.

Just curious, what’s your use case combining sign in action with other actions? I almost always use it on its own in public apps.

Well, to track user activities & clics, without GA4 (unable to track anonymous users anyway, so why pay for the 40 $ plan ?) or any analytics tools, I found a way to “Add row” populating any info I want (current user date/time, the event, screen name, action, etc) in Glider Tables. Et voilà ! Whenever my user clicks on anything I can “Add row” to, I can replay his/her customer journey, hence find out behavioural patterns, user experience. I just erase my own rows to keep only users’ ones. I’ll investigate further, to see whether I can still “add row” with a Sign-in later. But as I have an exam coming (rescheduled for this afternoon 4 PM CET), I had to play safe with a working prototype since August 24 and test users.
Sign-in + Add Row + Notification “Hello, User First Name, please come in!” + link to Screen would be my targeted full actions set. Imagine a door, and you pass that door after you sign in. Instead, the Link to Screen and the notification show up without Sign-in having time to display (it struggles to 1 out of 4 times, when you observe/are lucky).
Thks. Not the first non script tool that does not manage dialog boxes smoothly : there’s always some actions that take precedence or execute first/last. Especially linked to session actions or “complex UI dialog display with ok, cancel like buttons”

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