Bug in compound action

Hi @Mark,

i created a very simple compound action of form and sign in,
for a few hours it worked perfect and now the form stopped apearing and the sign in screen is loading when clicking the button.

this is the compound action:

when clicking the button you get the sign in screen instead of the form.

another thing you may see is that the sign in is before the form in the order (which is countering the logic) and it’s because when I did it as logic dectate (i.e. form and then sign in) it opens the sign in screen and not showing the form at all,

when I created the flow again it worked for a few hours and then stopped again,
you can see the flow working in a duplicate app i created (https://lackadaisical-shoes-5319.glideapp.io/)

another thing i noticed is that when i connect a regular action of form to an image I can’t duplicate the image component

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Hi @yinon_raviv, can you email support and send your support link as well?

Thanks bro!

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When I try it on your app, I think the Sign in screen is loading, but the form immediately loads on top of it. When I close the form, then I see the sign in screen that was already loaded. It did this for me on my desktop and phone.

Curious for an official response from Glide, but from what I’ve read, I think all actions are rapid fired at once and there is no waiting for a screen, such as sign in or a form, to close before the next action is executed. Maybe it’s possible that sometimes one screen loads slower or faster than the other one, which determines which one shows to the user. Like throwing two sheets of paper on the table and seeing which one lands on top of the other. Sometimes it’s one and sometimes it’s the other.

Interesting point Jeff.

It’s weird behavior, as you saw when I put the form 1st and the sign in second the form not showing at all but when I replace them it works for few hours and then stopped showing the form

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Just sent brother. thanks for the help

@mark are you working on waiting for the user to input data on the screens that require that - like log-in and forms. Otherwise they are not useable in flows with more than one action in a branch of the flow


perhaps adding an option to mark each action ‘synchronous’ or ‘asynchronous’ with an overlay number showing sequence…or ‘delay for 1 sec’ option?

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Yeah, a delay would also be great in a lot of situations.