My App with delayed action response on initial load

Hey Fellow Gliders,

I don’t know if anyone else has had this issue but one of my Apps has been having the issue of a delayed action response. This is evident after the initial load of the App but after that, the actions respond as normal.
The action is question is nothing hectic but rather “Go to tab (x)” or “Show new screen” type of action.
The action delay is longer when using the inline list action even the title action is quite slow.
The delay takes about 5-6 seconds to respond. My fear is that the user will think they have not made an action and therefore may lead to multiple presses for the same action.
I have tried to test on a number of different devices but still get the same issue. I would like to find out if anyone else gets the same issue on their device or end

The App link is:

The link to your app is not available anymore. Do you still see the issue?

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Hi ThinhDinh,

Thank you for responding.
Yes, the problem is still persistent…
The link is:

Yes I had issues previously in actions delay @SantiagoPerez one of my tickets

How do I reproduce the problem (which button do I need to click)?

If you click on “Specials”, you will see this issue. This only happens at the first time of clicking after initial loading. After that the issue is no longer there until you close the App and load it again from scratch and the issue starts.

The “Specials” box is an inline list action that is supposed to navigate (Go to Tab) to the Specials tab.
Another route you can take to see the issue is when you tap on the button “Search for Vendors” and then tap on “Category”…
This is a title action and it is supposed to navigate to a Tab. This only happens after initial loading of the App and after that, the actions work as normal…
Anyways that is what I am getting on all the devices that I have tried it on. It is still giving this issue

Search for Vendors >> Category

When you tap on “Category”, I even included a “show notification action” to try and compensate for the wait, just to let the user know that the App is doing something…
Of course this only happens once, after initial loading and then even that notification seems redundant subsequent to the initial pressing

It’s working normally for me on first load. Chrome on MacOS.

You might want to consider the visibility of text on Dark mode though.

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Thanks for testing it out and for the heads up on the text.
It’s hard to keep up with all these considerations but they are important so thank you once again :hugs:

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