Delayed Trigger

Okay guys, here is the scenario. I have a button with a custom action on it. This action sets a uses item to true. Once it is set to true I show an additional tab, then in that same action I navigate to the tab. The issue is that the buttons action, after being triggered, does not navigate (Go To) the now visible tab.

What are my options or workarounds to delay the second part of the action long enough for the checkbox to be set?

Does the original button live on a hamburger menu tab? “Go to tab” can take some more steps to work if you’re trying to do it from a hamburger menu tab, because it’s basically just an overlay on the current screen.

Can you share some screenshots or a video?

Well of course as I was filming it, worked correctly :laughing::joy::rofl:

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@ThinhDinh The issue only seems to happen on an actual device not in the web. I am sending some videos.

On device.

This the glide side.

Have you tried using just a set column and a go to tab action?

I did yes. Did not work. It is like the function (custom action) fires too quickly.

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Please submit this problem to the support team so they can look more into it.