Custom action navigate to tab not working

I have added a button to a screen (user comes to this screen after clicking a number list) and created a custom action that updates a column value and navigates to a tab (the number list mentioned above). But when I test this in browser, the app navigates to a invalid url after update column value(e.g. Is that a bug or am I not using the actions function properly?

Are there any visibility conditions or filters on the tv that you’re trying to navigate to?

No visibility limits or filters

Is the tab hidden or visible in the menu or main list of tabs at the bottom of the app?


Hmmm not sure then! Maybe try rearranging your action to see if it makes any difference. I haven’t had any issue with the Navigate to Tab action — it’s been very reliable.

Oh wait… does the action update the column, then uses that new column value to decide which tab to navigate to? It may not be able to do that all in one action as it likely needs to process that new column value before it can determine which tab to navigate to. I could be wrong, but it sounds like that could be the issue.

Try adding a button to test saving the column value separately, then add another to navigate to the tab. See if it works that way.

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Figured out the problem. When I add a button and click “New Action” it adds by default “Open link for the value” clicked. I just needed to remove that and only add actions to update column value and “Go back”