Button action and visibility condition works differently on the live app and in the builder

Hell dear Gliders!

I have an issue. And don’t know how to resolve it. Please, help!

:one: I design simple Onboarding tab based on @Robert_Petitto tutorial (thank You Robert!) and two “main” tabs - Home Page and My Profile.
:two: Each one has a visibility condition - the Onboarding has “value is empty” and the Home Page and the My Profile has “value is not empty”.
:three: The button on Onboarding tab has two steps in action (1. Set column values, 2. Go to Tab - My Profile) and should link directly to the My Profile tab, show other tabs and hide the Onboarding tab…

And that’s where shoe pinches… :smiley:

:question: It only works in the builder / editor but doesn’t on the live app. :question:

:eyes: Watch the videoscreen for both - builder and live app.
Recorded with Loom

I will be grateful for any tip or support :slight_smile:

I think the reason here is:

  • My Profile was not a visible tab before the click.

  • Your click in the real app happens before Glide can recognize that My Profile is now visible and navigate to it. The second action likely failed before the tab turns visible.

You are right @ThinhDinh , but still - there is a logic order in a two-step action…

  1. Firstly - “set the column value” - it should “tell” Glide to show hidden tabs
  2. Secondly - “go to tab” - navigate to My Profile (which already have been shown by the first action step logic).

So it seems like it is some kind of lag, bug, or i don’t know… :upside_down_face:

My Profile has to be hidden because of the UX of onboarding and after completing it - it should reveal by action under the button.

I mean there’s a sequence, but I don’t think the second action can take into account the new visibility condition fast enough in your case. The easiest fix is to move My Profile to be the first tab, but I assume that is not what you want.

I resolved it! :grin:

It was tricky, but finally is working.

  1. I created another column for second visibility condition - “onboarding-hide”
  2. I changed Onboarding tab visbility condition from “onboarding-complete” to “onboarding-hide” is empty.
  3. Then i created last step in action for this.

p.s. There are two actions “Go Back” because of additional two onboarding screens in the process. It was very important. Without those steps whole thing didn’t work.


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