Visibility condition is false

When I open a tab that is hidden I get a message “This screen’s visibility is false” In order to view and edit I have to click on “preview anyway”.

As soon as I make an edit the tab switches to a visible (different) tab but with the same name. (I have two intro pages for the app and want to have the current intro visible while editing the next week’s page.)

This started about a month ago and while I can live with it, it makes editing tedious with this extra step over and over.

I do not want the page visible while editing, but need to have it ready for a quick changeover. The names of the Pages (tabs) are the same. Is that a problem?

What condition determines whether those tabs are visible or not? How about switching to a profile that satisfies the condition so the tab is indeed visible to that profile?

To hide the tab I turn the eyeball off. When I want the page to show on the live app I turn the eyeball back on.
Now when I start to work on the page with the eyeball off (not visible) a screen opens that I have to click on to say that I want to preview it.
Then as I am editing it reverts back to the live page (tab) with the eyeball on.
Then the big circle starts. I select the page that I want to edit, click to preview, edit, and then it goes back to the previous page and round and round.
What am I doing to cause this?

Ah so it’s the “parent” condition, not a visibility condition you set based on the data.

I don’t have any insights on whether this is intended or not. Please submit a ticket here:

In the mean while, try setting the tab back to public, set the tab visibility condition to show only when the signed-in user’s email is your email. See if that helps.

I seem to be making this worse than better.

“In the mean while, try setting the tab back to public, set the tab visibility condition to show only when the signed-in user’s email is your email. See if that helps.”

Your email meaning my email? So it would only show when the signed in user is me?

Yes, that’s what I mean, if you don’t want to show the work-in-progress tab to anybody else.

When I attempt to publish the app and use the link, the information I input doesn’t show up when I click on the link. What should I do now? Because when I switch to “viewing as anyone,” the screen also displays “This screen’s visibility condition is false.”

Sounds like you have visibility conditions set on your tabs. Check those visibility conditions to make sure you have them configured correctly.

Could you please show me how to check the visibility conditions? I have checked all but cannot find it.
Thank you so much

Vào Th 2, 20 thg 11, 2023 lúc 19:46 Jeff Hager via Glide Community <> đã viết:

Thank you. I got it

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Hello Glide Team,

I’m currently facing an issue with the app I’m working on. I’ve completed the content for the first block, but when I clicked on the second block to continue editing, it displayed the information from the first one. Can you please guide me on how to proceed with editing the information for the second block?

Thank you.

Can you explain what you mean by “block”? Some screenshots of what you are trying to do, and the problem you are seeing, would be helpful.

For example, when I try to add information into the second part of “DMZ Area”, it displays the information I have already put into the “Introduction” part.

Could you show some screenshots how you have configured collection source and edit action?

Ok, so it’s a collection of items. The thing is that the detail screen for each item in that collection is linked to the same table, so it is normal for the layout of each item detail screen to be the same. Normally if you had something like a list of employees, you would want each screen to be the same and only the information about the employee would be different.

Sounds like you want a unique screen layout for each item. To do that, you will have to create a custom action on the item click. In that custom action you will need an series of IF branches with a ‘Show New Screen’ action below each branch. Each IF condition will need to look at some value in your table to know which screen to go to.