Problem in Action: Make tab visible then Go to this Tab

Hi Glide Community,
I’m running into an issue when using an custom action to “go to tab” just made visible through that same custom action.
The user is on tab0. The tab1 is first invisible (visibility condition: showTab = false)
The custom action’s sequence is as follows:

  • set column value: showTab = true (user specific column)
  • go to tab “tab1”

The tab appears but I stay on tab0 - it doesn’t go to that tab1. However, if I add a wait of 0.5 sec, it works.
The problem is that setting this showTab=true make another button appear on the tab0, so waiting for 0.5 sec and seeing this button appear before the tab0 switches to tab1 doesn’t look very clean.

Any help would be much appreciated, thank you!

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Actions fire off pretty much at the same time… or insanely quickly. As you found, the Wait condition works because the set column action has a chance to change the value, and the visibility condition can kick in before the go to tab option is fired.

My suggestion would be to try the ‘Wait For Condition’ action and have it wait for the boolean to be true. Not sure if it will work better, but worth a shot.

Thank you Jeff. I forgot to mention that I had tried the Wait for condition (boolean = true) but still not working. If should if it was just a matter of fire off speed. So I’m wondering if it’s not a bug?

Well, we’re talking about a split second. I don’t necessarily think I’d call it a bug. More of a technical limitation.

Does tab1 need to be visible as a tab in the navigation bar? You can hide a tab, but still allow it to be accessible without needing to control visibility. It’s another solution, but I’m not sure if it would fit your use case.

I guess if you wanted to keep your same flow, I would add a column to hold a timestamp and set that though the Set Column action along with the boolean. Then have a math column that adds 5 seconds to that timestamp.


Still use the boolean for tab visibility.

Then add a condition to the button on tab0 to only show when the math date is less than Now.

That should provide a 5 to 10 second delay for the button to show up, so it should have gone to tab1 by then. You’ll still need your 0.5 second Wait action.


Thank you very much Jeff! It works well and I think is the best solution so far!

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