Add to Delay to Button Action


Is there a way I can add a time delay on an action to navigate to another screen once someone clicks a button? After onboarding, I send users to the home page, but I think it happens a bit too quickly and would like a 1 or 2-second delay. I don’t even get the chance to see the success notification I added because it’s so quick.

Thank you!

Short answer: No.
Longer Answer: You could simulate a delay by doing funky stuff with date columns and visibility conditions.
Question: Why? (Is it just because you want to give the user time to read the notification, or is there another reason?)



That plus it just seems too fast like glitchy almost. Usually I realize like a slide or smooth transition, not a snatch to another screen.

haha, first time I’ve seen someone wanting to make their app slower :stuck_out_tongue: :rofl:

Okay, so this might or might not work. I assume you are hiding tabs during onboarding using visibility conditions, something like “has profile is empty” or similar, yeah?

What you can try:

  • Create a datetime column in your UserProfiles sheet
  • When the user clicks the button to finish off the onboarding, as part of the associated action set that column to 2-3 seconds in the future (NOW+(2/86400))
  • Adjust your tab visibility to only show the tabs where now() is after that time

In theory, that would give you a delay of a few seconds. But it could get a bit complicated, because you might need to also add some similar logic to keep your onboarding screen visible for those extra few seconds.

To simplify the visibility logic, I’d probably create an if-then-else column to drive that. Something like:

  • If has profile is not true then false
  • If now() < future timestamp column then false
  • Else true

Then you can use a single visibility condition in your tab configuration based on that column.


OK thanks! I will look into this, there should be an action for a delay I think :sweat_smile:

Do you use the navigate to screen action after your users are onboarded?

No, I usually do everything on my User Profiles sheet. (So there is no navigating involved - it’s just hiding and showing components and tabs)

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Ok I have that set up too, let me try taking off the navigate to tab, that might help!