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Hello gliders,
Adding a delay is a required feature for time consuming apps.
So here it is!
The first draft on how to add delay in your apps

If you want to know how to implement, lemme know!


Very useful- how did you do this ?

I expect that it’s done by setting a timestamp X seconds in the future, and then using a visibility condition “where now is after timestamp”.

At least that’s how I would do it.


And the rest is CSS

Makin the app sharable so, everyone can copy it and view the logic!


May we have a link for the template?

You can click on the app link given in the main topic.
Or click below

You can then go ahead and create a copy of it.

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This will make it not precisely the same delay as required, right? Since now is only updated every X secs or so (I can’t remember the right number).

yeah, correct. It updates once every 10 seconds. The effect of that is immediately evident in the demo app.


Thus the approx time in seconds in the entry field

I sure wish that Glide had a pause function, so that actions could have some delay before the next action is performed…

Hello Shantanu, thank you for sharing!

Your app is not working correctly

  1. Start button is clickable when no value is entered and makes delay infinite.
  2. On a cellphone, when backspace is clicked, it triggers action.
  3. Entered Delay time is not equal to the actual delay
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I made a little sample of how to make an accurate delay… it will block any click until the set time is over:

Screen Shot 2022-01-23 at 11.04.50 AM



Thank you so much, it’s very helpful for me. thank you for sharing

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awesome… thanks for sharing.

Uzo you are a beast…:slight_smile:

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