Navigation "Go to Tab" not working

I’m using a form and for the “after submit action” I am using Navigation “go to tab”

The issue is once the form is filled and I click “submit” button, it is not navigating to the tab specified.

It does work when I’m in the Glide layout, but when I try it on the published app, it does not navigate.

How are you accessing the form? Is it in an overlay/slide-in? You may need to first use a “close overlay” action, or possibly a “go back” action ahead of your “go to tab”.

You may also want to try the wait action to give the app a couple seconds to submit the form’s data before moving to a new tab.

Is the new tab’s visibility dependent on the form’s submission? That may also have something to do with it.

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The form was set as a custom screen and as the main page

I tried a wait action but I don’t think you can use 2 actions in the “after submit action”

the new tab’s visibility is not dependent on the forms submission, only components on the tab are

As I mentioned, it is working when I use it in Glide Layout but not on the published app, which is confusing

What is the data source that is storing your form submissions? If it’s writing to an external data source (Airtable, Sheets, etc.), then the app may need an extra couple seconds to process before it navigates away from the form.

You can create a custom action for the “after submit action” and add as many actions as you like!

Airtable is the source

I tried a custom action with a wait (9 seconds) and then Go to Tab and same issue, it works only in Glide Layout and fails in the published app

Interesting. I know AirTable sync is a bit “less great” than other data sources, but that wait condition should have helped. What if you try to navigate to a tab that has basic, existing data on it (nothing reliant on AirTable or the values of the form’s submission)?

Yes that seemed to work on the published app, a new tab with static text

I guess the bug is with Airtable integration?

I’m guessing the data that your tab contains relies on the AirTable sync and since it’s not immediately available, the action is failing.

You may want to change the flow a bit and try to add another step between the form submission and the navigation to the tab. You could also try the “wait for condition” action to check for a the new value in your data before navigating to the tab. I’m not sure if that would give any better results though.

I was able to figure this out, it seems there was a visibility condition set to user email in the page option. by removing it it now navigate to the tab correctly!

thanks for all your help

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