Link to screen after submitting form

Would love the ability to automatically send users to a specific screen after submitting a form. Sometimes the form button is located 3 screens into a tab and users would then have to select “Back” 3 times to get back to the landing page. This would also help deter users from potentially spamming a form.


You must have read my mind

I’m with you!
A screen or a tab would be perfect

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This would be a great feature. This way we can inform the user that their data was submitted correctly and display a summary of their submission, next steps, calls to action, etc.

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There seem to be two very different use cases here:

  1. Go up in the navigation hierarchy to spare people hitting “back” or tapping on the tab icon.
  2. Go into a screen designed specifically for this form to confirm submission, maybe show a summary, next steps, etc…

I believe my original post was referencing deep linking option after form submission.

I’d choose for many case, the second option.

But depending on the case, the first would be good too. I’ll keep with the second.


Deep linking would enhance the social media power of our glide apps. That would allow, among others, to share some pages or “items” (product from catalog,…), on Facebook.

Because with Facebook, the “show share action” does not really work as, I think, we can only send URL to Facebook for sharing purpose


I’ve been looking the way around for this for days, but there is none… so this is a must feature I think.

  • You could link to a thank you page with the summary of your purchase after paying.
  • If the form generates a new view, you could go strait to that view after submitting.

I’m working on a PRO app where the user creates a custom product, but then he needs to change to another tab to confirm and pay, and this feauture would be great!

any news?

Second option for me would be very useful

Second option for me as well!

2nd option!

A Tab…that would be perfect

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And now we have the tab visibility… +100

Yes yes yes or action like giving a toast message

Ok, so I know this isnt the best solution but I just built the entire app on the homepage and just made people think they were navigating elsewhere. This way I can end my form wherever I want.

To do this I created 2 different types of access. The first is your email whitelist of course, the second is a constant changing access. So when people click buttons the action of the button (similar to a toggle), Changes the value of the 2nd access which in turn changes what is visible on the homescreen. By doing this I can have mutiple forms all end up on the home screen. Also if your form submits data to the home google sheet tab you can use that to change a value in the background by having the form submit data that forces the current screen to no longer be available with that specific access. I have been able to do this 10 access levels deep on the same home screen. I’m sure it’s infinite but I wanted to give you a heads up on a quick and easy workaround.


A quick update on this lacking feature. I have 2 more solutions to add. The first solution is you use the visibility option alongside a sheets trigger. When the form is submitted you have it also submit a timestamp in another column you dont use that is hidden or out of the way. You set visibility for this column, if it is empty show tab, otherwise hide. It will hide tab and leave app blank but thats wherethe beauty of this solution lies. The google sheets trigger triggers on this column being edited and it clears the column, the tab you leave visible is a thank you screen, or congrats or a gif with confetti exploding saying great job. Once the trigger clears the column you are sent back to start of tab and the congrats tab is now hidden because its visibility relies on that column having values in it.

Second solution is much easier but makes your actual worksheets look bad. You have the form directly go to the home page sheet and fill out cells on that page, again those cells are hidden and you could even have the data list refer to these cells so your list remains intact. But once you submit a form that referenced that page you will start from that page :slight_smile:


This should now be possible in staging with :sparkles: Compound actions :sparkles:

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Closing this topic. Already released and duplicated