Form submission confirmation screen

Hello Glide Team!

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I had read on Spectrum that you were hoping to release a form submission confirmation screen functionality, how is that doing?

Thank you!


Should be live within a few days! And it’s a confirmation pop-over, not a screen.


Even better! Thank you!

Good !! Please set that pop up in the app language, not only English Thanks


Hello! Is it possible to change the value of the pop-over text?


Hello All,

I know this is a somewhat old thread, but I searched for “form confirmation” and the forum came up with this one. So I would like to be able to have new registrants see a confirmation screen where I can give advise and tell the new member of the future steps we and the member should undertake.

Or simplier: After a user fills out the reg form and click send, glide sends confirmation popup that the info was sent, but thats it. So the user asks, what is next?

I am sure I voted for this feature in the glide voting app, but would really like to have this fixed, for me it is really a flow break and bad user experience nothing less.

What do you think?

Many Regards,

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Agreed. I would also like to be able to program where the user lands after the submit (point to a specific tab if other than the tab where they completed the form). In the meantime, you can use a tab that appears once information is submitted and use increment button to move past it. After my user onboarding, I use conditional visibility to make a screen with more info/next steps appear…and if the user were to go on past this screen, I would use another button with increment to dismiss it. You can do this with a form as well and use a tab that appears once they complete it to inform about next steps. Hope this helps in the meantime!