Confirmation popup on form submission

Would it be possible to have a pop up confirmation before the form is fully submitted in the same way we get a confirmation before deleting an row?

I have a couple of cases where it would be useful to remind the users of important details before the submission is complete.

Process > Fill Out form > Press Submit (but this simply pops up screen) > custom text, with Cancel/OK option.

Hi Mishta,

How about setting a custom action for the submit button?
Please refer to the attached image.

I hope this helps you.

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+1 for this feature. Surprised this request is not getting more attention as it is a basic feature. Suggestion by @mrnmkmn is fine for error handling, but what we need is ability to get confirmation from the user.


Agree +1

Found this post looking for the same thing.

Be great if it was a standard option I could add to an action workflow:

Confirm Action
Text = Are you sure you want to do this? << Configurable would be nice
Button labels = Yes | No, Cancel << Configurable be nice
Conditional switch:

If the user selects Yes continue, workflow
if the User selects No, cancel workflow

You may already be aware, but you can do all this if you ignore the standard add/edit forms and roll your own.

Thanks, @Darren_Murphy. Can you point to docs or a video or a post that explains how I would adjust my current custom action workflow below?

I’m imaging a popup as I described. If the user selects Yes, I complete the Set Values step. If they select No, I exit the custom action workflow.

Take a look at this app:

As I said, this involves ignoring the standard add/edit forms and building your own. This might not be what you want, but I do it a lot because I find it gives me much greater control and flexibility - to do the sort of thing you’re looking for here, for example.


Using a custom form is the way to go. Just to add to this I use @Darren_Murphy’s approach to a custom form and then I pass those values to Glide’s Native form at the end of my flow for a preview/ checkout screen. (A sort of confirmation popup)

Why would I use the native form at the end of my process instead of rolling it into another custom/ show new screen?.. because I like the popup modal screen the native form offers :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: (Especially in desktop mode)