Confirming Form Cancel?

Is there a way to create a Confirmation screen pop over in my form when someone clicks “Cancel” ? I have a quite lengthy form and I want a pop-up to read:

“Are you sure you want to cancel this form? The information you entered will be lost?”

…or something to that effect. Is this possible?

Sounds like you want a “modal” with an additional choice (to cancel the form or go back to continue).

Tagging @Lucas_Pires in here, does your modal CSS support buttons, I assume we can just add them as a component to show in the right place?

Also, the native “Cancel” won’t work as we don’t have any actions tied with it, so you will need to have a custom “Cancel” button first.


Just thinking out aloud, you could create a Cancel button that needs to be tapped twice.

  • The first tap would just show a notification (“Are you sure?”), and flip a toggle
  • The second tap would do the Cancel action, and flip the toggle again

@Evan_Shelton what I did in one of my apps was to use increment action and set the visibility to the right components.

See below when I click in Remover(Remove), the app asks the user “Are you sure you want to remove this item from the cart?”

And I added to buttons

  • Remover Item (Remove Item) - set column action to clear the values
  • Cancelar (Cancel) - clear the increment once I set this visibility


Okay. To give a little more detail: I have an app that healthcare workers will use (essentially as a digital survey form) to evaluate a patient. There are 7 parts to the evaluation. After, for example, the user finishes Part 1, they check a box “done” - those items from part 1 are hidden and the items from Part 2 become visible - this continues through Part 7. Some users, if they want to go back, are clicking the native Cancel button and losing everything.

Can the native Cancel button be removed from the form? As long as it is showing, there is a risk that someone will click it and have to start from the beginning.

I share this concern for my app too.

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For something like this I would probably consider a custom form. This would just be a detail screen with components that fill user specific columns, so as they enter data, it will be filling the column values in the table. You can use buttons to set visibility to show different sections or parts of the form. Once they have completed filling out he form, you could have a submit button which use a compound action to first use an Add Row action to take the user specific column values and write those values to a sheet. Then a second Set Column action that will clear all of those user specific columns, so it’s ready for the next form entry. This removes the need for the built in form and gives you a little more flexibility. Without the need to use the built in form, then there will not be a Cancel button for them to click.


You can use conditional CSS to cover cancel and accept buttons, and add confirm button to uncover

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Thanks all. Uzo’s trick worked for me, but I think I may eventually invest some time to build a form as you suggest, Jeff. Cheers!