Are you sure you want to delete?

I am doing a workaround to confirm if the user really wants to delete the record.

Here I am using the increment to show and hide the Yes and No buttons. When the user taps Yes then I remove that row.

This is working for my use case. I am just wondering if you have a better solution for this?


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In terms of design, I prefer yes and no buttons to appear in pop-ups, to prevent users from leaving the page before confirming their choice.

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I do something like this, but with a new screen and a button bar to “Cancel” or “Delete”. Main reason is to have a personalized message instead of the fixed one by Glide.


Hi just want to chime in, i am solving this by using modal box css and button bar that ive found here.


By adding 1 column as flag which will be populated when i click cancel button

If cancel button is clicked > set column values to 1
Then set rich text (modal box) and button bar to appear when delete flag is not empty

If cancel button (modal box) is clicked > set column values (clear delete flag)
If yes button (modal box) is clicked > set delete row (or even custom action with extra notification)



Halo @rxnxd Randy, Selamat bergabung dalam komunitas Glide.

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This method works well for details screen, but months ago I tried replicating it in an edit screen and it did not work well at all with desktop. I just abandoned that idea and used the new screen button until now.

I see, i dont have any experience building desktop glide. Will try someday.

Btw thanks for the modal css, i believe i saw the css was from you.

Thanks bro, long time lurker here.

Anh ấy là bậc thầy về CSS ở đây @ThinhDinh.

It’s a pity, where the use of detail screens will become complex in line with the number of text entries that must be included with all the limitations of the filling.
Maybe you have a point, too, because the edit screen is intended to edit per section, not for the purpose of deleting entire lines.

My reasoning for using a delete button in the edit screen is that it’s in line with what Glide did (they only have the delete button there before the introduction of the Delete row action). I think it’s totally fine if people want to separate those.

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This is awesome. I can try and experiment :slight_smile:

This makes sense for customized messages. Thank you.