Are You Sure? Action

Is it possible to have when a Delete Button is clicked, a notice “Are You Sure” pops up? Thanks.

Not natively but you could make your own popup. Change the action on the delete button to something like show new screen → overlay

On the new screen put “Are you sure?” Yes or No

Yes → delete
No → go back


You can make it more slick using custom HTML :wink:

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Could you be more clearer on how to get it to work, please.

Which part do you have a problem with?

Trying to create the New Screen or Overlay

What are the steps?

  1. when the delete button is clicked, show a new screen (slide in or overlay)
  2. place the text component with the question “Are you sure?”, and add buttons for yes and no.
  3. Add action for button No → go back, for button Yes: add custom action → delete value and go back

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I don’t know. I have this set up but it is not working properly

hmmm… i would have to see it to help you… but these are very simple steps

Should the Are You Sure and the No and Yes buttons be on a new page?

new screen, that will open when you click delete button

Ya, I build this functionality several times in nearly every app I build (it gets very tedious).

Here’s what I do:


I will prepare s short video.

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Okay. Here we go.

Wow… you need to place the Are you sure… and buttons on the screen that show when you click the button…
Delete all components from that new screen, and the are you sure? and buttons move from original screen to the new screen

I have a new screen but it is doing the same thing. This should not be this difficult

According to your video, you have the new screen when you click on the delete button. That’s good. Now you just need to place your confirmation message and two buttons on that new screen. You can remove everything else.

Is not :wink:
I don’t know what else to say…did you delete all components from the new screen and place the buttons there?