Are You Sure? Action

I made a PRO version for this trick :wink:

This does not help me. Should the new screen be linked to the main table?

The new screen is attached to “This Item” which is the row of the current item you are viewing, and subsequently the one you want to delete.

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When I create the new screen is it correct to select “Custom Screen” and after that insert the “Are You Sure” and the Yes and No buttons? If so, how is the new screen attached to the data “This Item”?

Are you creating a new screen by adding a tab at the top-left?
Don’t do that, it won’t work.
You need to do it by modifying the Action that is configured on your “Delete” button.
The action should be: “Show New Screen → This item”.
Once you set the action, then click on the button and you will see the “new screen”.
And this is where you should add the “Are you sure” text and extra buttons for Confirm/Cancel.


Like I said in my first post, you already had the action set up correctly on the delete button. You were halfway there. You have the new screen. It’s already connected to the row your want to delete. You just need to finish the design of that new screen by deleting any existing components and adding the text and buttons that you want to make it look like a confirmation “are you sure” popup. Don’t overthink it. You were on the right track based on your video. The only thing that was wrong was that your text and buttons below the delete button should be on the new screen that you see after clicking the delete button. Not the edit screen that contains the delete button.

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First, I want to thank everyone who was so very patient with me and assisted me through this very simple challenge. I discovered this morning, by accident that it was a new screen but simply the screen behind the Delete button. All I needed to do was format that screen. The “New Screen” confused me and spent time creating New Screens, which did not make sense to me. Once again, thanks to everyone, and as I practice, never give up on anything that you want to be successful doing. Have a great day.


Default popup for confirmation whenever the delete row action is used should be built into Glide. It’s strange there is a confirmation for deleting uploaded files but not for deleting rows.

Confirmation for deleting uploaded files:


How is deleting files is done? I do have this situation. Thanks.

If you open an edit screen and click the X to delete an uploaded file you should see the confirmation by default.

I can see cases where you would want a confirmation pop-up, as well as cases where you wouldn’t want to see one. In the same way that Glide has two different ‘Wait’ actions, I’d like to see two different ‘Delete’ actions. One with confirmation, and one without.

Then again, I like to have some control over design, so I’d probably still rely on the existing method for creating a confirmation because I can design that new screen however I want. I can only imagine that if Glide created a confirmation pop-up for us on delete, there would be little or no control over verbiage or design of that pop-up, so it wouldn’t be ideal for everyone.

If I were to ask for anything related to this, it would be another type of overlay screen. Maybe something called “pop-up” or “confirmation” that has a smaller footprint than an overlay. Something that will always render as a pop-up modal regardless if you are on a mobile screen or desktop screen. Something that provides more design flexibility and multiple use cases instead of only being used for delete with a premade design for the pop-up.


Yes, I see it on Add Item screen but not on the Edit Screen

I always do the same as Bob

This would be great!